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December 28, 2015

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When Things Go Wrong

March 2, 2016

A few months ago, Adam and I treated ourselves to our first professional couples photos with the always amazing Lila Karmali. As a planner, you can only imagine how vivedly I had envisioned and planned every small detail of this wintery themed shoot, right down to hot chocolate mugs we would drink out of and the dried mashed potato "snowflakes" I was going to blow out of my hands.

Yup - you read that correctly. So what happens when your perfect day is meticulously planned out months in advance? Of course the skies open up. 


Not a mist, trickle, rain or light snow... but POURING RAIN.



Mother Nature can have a great sense of humour, especially during special events. Every couple I've met with imagines their wedding day to be perfect: 25°C, not a cloud in the sky, ceremony short, dinner on time. But what if it isn't? We all know that no matter how well you plan ahead, things can go wrong on the big day. Having encountered many of these unexpected suprises during events, I want to share some of tips and tricks to ensure your backup plan is as good as the first! 




Ask Your Venue. The first place to start preparing for the worse case scenario is with your venue coordinator. Although you may have chosen your venue for its great looks and location, its important to find out if they can accomodate bad weather. Before booking, find out what covered facilities, tents or temporary structures they can offer you incase of bad weather. 


Book a tent. If your venue doesn't offer a backup weather plan, consider putting a rental hold a few key items. In my opinion, talking to a rental company about acquiring a tent is worth EVERY PENNY you spend if you wake up to rain on your wedding day. Other items that can be handy for your weather-related worries include heaters or blankets for cold nights and air conditioning units, fans and water bottles for that scorching summer heat. If your wedding is planning in the fringe months (Jan-April, Oct-Dec), consider snow clearing options and backup generators incase of storms and power outages. They might just save your bacon! 


Dress for conditions. One of my favorite things to include in an invitation suite is a "weather card". Consider including a note in your invitations or on your wedding website that tells your guests you're hoping to host your ceremony or reception outside. Remind them to dress for the conditions so they can plan ahead. On the wedding day, providing handy items such as sun glasses, fans, water bottles and sunscreen can be a sweet added touch!


Pack a weather kit. Every couple wants to look good in their wedding photos. The best way to guarantee you'll have a flawless look no matter the weather is to pack a weather kit. If the weather is hot, include items like parasols, electrolyte drinks, sunscreen wipes, blotting tissues and touch-up makeup. If the weather is cold, pack umbrellas or blankets for your bridal party, a spare pair of flats for soggy ground, lip chap, hand moisterizer, hot packs for your hands/feet, pocket kleenex and maybe a flask of your favorite warm-up beverage ;)  


Embrace the day! Last but not least, the best advice I give to all my couples is to EMBRACE the day no matter what it brings! They say rain is lucky on a wedding day and nearly all photographers will tell you that a cloudy day makes for the best photos. No matter the weather, your outlook on the day will shine through most of all. Our rainy day photoshoot was not what I had in mind when planning a snowy winter wonderland, but I loved every minute together of playing in the rain! 




 Happy Planning!














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